The Southern New Mexico Stock Grower's Association

In 1894, Fountain wrote the by-laws and became special investigator for the Southeastern New Mexico Stock Grower’s Association, an organization of big cattle operators backed by eastern and foreign capital. In this role, Fountain set out, both in the legislative and law-enforcement venues, to put an end to cattle rustling. Cattle rustling had had cost the association members thousands of head of livestock. As a result of his aggressive efforts in a very short time, warrants were issued for the arrest of the Slick Miller Gang, a band of cattle rustlers out of central New Mexico. Within a year, Fountain had engineered convictions that sent 15 of the gang to prison. He then began to concentrate his efforts in Tularosa, New Mexico, to corral the entire gang. It is believed, that the enemies he formed through his efforts to curtail cattle rustling, eventually lead to his murder. (2)