The IRS Accessor/Collector

After the Civil War, Fountain and his wife Mariana from Mesilla, New Mexico, whom he had married in October of 1862, made their home in El Paso, Texas. Captain Fountain had been discharged in 1865 having also participated as a volunteer with the New Mexico Calvary against the Mimbreno and Chiricahua Apaches during the Western Apache Campaigns and was recovering from wounds he had received. He re-established his law practice, became a civic leader, assisted in the founding of the local Episcopal Church and became a leading organizer of the Republican Party in west Texas. In addition, he began work for the United States Property Commission which investigated and disposed of former confederate property. His good work did not go unnoticed and he subsequently received political appointments as a county surveyor, election judge and ultimately, the Assessor and Collector for the Internal Revenue Service for the Western District of Texas.(1)