About The Cast


Tim Maloney (Col. Albert Fountain):

Tim started work in the entertainment industry in animation. He worked as an artist for Warner Bros., Hanna Barbera, HBO and cartoon network. He recently made the jump to acting, currently working out of Northern New Mexico.


Algernon D'Ammassa (Detective Fraser):

Algernon D'Ammassa grew up in Rhode Island, and has lived in Chicago, New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. He trained at the Trinity Repertory Company and has performed on regional stages all over the United States. He was recently a visiting artist with the FESTA Theatre in Florence, Italy, teaching and performing Shakespeare. He is currently a visiting professor in the theatre department at New Mexico State University. He lives in Deming with his wife and two sons.


Bryan Head (Deputy Williams):

Born in Phoenix, Bryan grew up in California. He moved to Albuquerque a few years ago to take an acting class. He has done a short called "Placed", had a guest star role on "Longmire" and just wrapped production on his first feature with Casper Van Diem (Starship Troopers) called "Hypercane".


Chris Norden (Oliver Lee):

From his acting debut in 1969 at age 7, Chris went professional in 1976 with the role of "Charlie" in the internationally broadcast PBS-produced series "Parent Effectiveness." Since then, he has worked in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Santa Fe/Albuquerque/Las Cruces, and in North and South Carolina, appearing in 47 movies, pilots, shorts, TV commercials and training films; 33 plays and musicals; and as a print model for ad campaigns appearing in national magazines. Chris is a member of SAG-AFTRA and recently relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona.


Tyler Robinson (Kent Kearney):

Tyler was born in Las Cruces, and has lived here for 20 years. He has acted in a number of student short films, as well as one from his local film team," Something Fresh Pro". Their most recent project was "Kicking the Odds". Tyler also enjoys work on-camera for a number of projects including music videos, commercials, and short films.


Joe Meier (Jack Maxwell ranch hand):

Joe T. Meier was born in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, November 20, 1977. He moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, at the age of five after the tragic death of his father. Meier has three degrees from NMSU; business, management, and creative media. He continues to entertain the international populous with his acting, directing, musicality, and undying love for the humanities as well as the arts.

About The Movie

New Mexico filmmakers Sean Pilcher and Matt Wilson bring the true story of the disappearance of Col. Fountain to the screen for the first time. The story is straight out of the final years of New Mexico's Wild West days.

"AMONG THE DUST OF THIEVES" is a revealing historical western drama that focuses on the legendary U.S. district attorney from Mesilla, New Mexico. The story takes place in 1896 as Doña Ana County Sheriff Pat Garrett and District Attorney Col. Albert Fountain pursue a course of action designed to bring an end to the marauding cattle rustling that plagued many of the family ranchers throughout parts of Southern New Mexico. This led to his mysterious death and an investigation that continues to this day.

"AMONG THE DUST OF THIEVES" reintroduces Colonel Albert Jennings Fountain to a whole new generation. Fountain was a true renaissance man who lived in the wild west: he was a graduate of Columbia College in New York; A Union solder; an Indian fighter in the New Mexico Volunteers; a mercenary soldier and colonel in the Mexican army; a U.S. Property Commissioner; a U.S. Customs Collector and a collector for the Internal Revenue Service; a state senator and speaker pro-tempore in the Texas legislature; a lieutenant governor of Texas (ex-officio); a Mesilla lawyer who was, at one time, appointed by the court to be the attorney for Billy the Kid. Fountain was elected to the New Mexico Territorial Legislature; he was also a probate judge and deputy court clerk, assisted with the formation of the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (now New Mexico State University), a journalist who founded the Mesilla Valley Independent newspaper (printed in Spanish & English), and founder of the original Fountain Theatre company in Mesilla.

In the last years of Fountain's life, he acquired numerous political enemies as the Doña Ana County District Attorney. It was during this time that Fountain successfully prosecuted land-fraud cases and arrested and tried cattle rustlers as he worked to bring an end to lawlessness in the southernmost part of the New Mexico Territory, thus helping move New Mexico closer to statehood.

"AMONG THE DUST OF THIEVES" (2013, 43 minutes), produced by Col. Albert Fountain Productions, Sean Pilcher and Matt Wilson. Story by Sean Piltcher and Matt Wilson.

About The Film Makers


Sean Pilcher Director/Writer/Editor

Sean was born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. In 2010 he received a Bachelor's degree in Film and Animation from the Creative Media Institute at New Mexico State University. Currently he works writing, directing, producing and editing commercials and short films


Camera and Electrical Department (2 titles)

  • The Odd Way Home (key grip) (post-production) 2013
  • Face Full of Dollars (short) (gaffer) 2011

Producer (2 titles)

  • Hatching Max (short) (co-producer) (completed) 2012
  • Monsters (short) (producer) 2009/I0

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director (2 titles)

  • Last Days (assistant director) 2010
  • Sun Jar (short) (assistant director) 2010

Special Effects (1 title)

  • Bomb Squad (special effects technician) 2011

Miscellaneous Crew (1 title)

  • You Pay for What You Pay For (short) (production assistant) 2009

Director (2 titles)

  • Among The Dust of Thieves (short) (co-director) 2011/12
  • Monsters (short) (co-director) 2009/10

Writer (2 titles)

  • Among The Dust of Thieves (co-writer) 2011/12
  • Monsters (short) (story) 2009/10

Editor (2 titles)

  • Among The Dust of Thieves (co-editor) 2011/12
  • Monsters (short) 2009/10

Set Decorator (1 title)

  • Monsters (short) 2009/I0

Matt Wilson Cinematographer/Editor/Sound Designer

Matt is a native New Mexican who grew up in Las Cruces, NM. He graduated from New Mexico State University (NMSU) in 2011 with honors, receiving a Bachelor's degree in Film and Animation from the Creative Media Institute at NMSU. He currently works on major and independent film productions serving in various roles. Matt works primarily behind the camera as a cinematographer and also as a film editor and a sound designer for commercials and film projects.


Camera and Electrical Department

Cinematographer (5 titles)

  • Among The Dust of Thieves (short) (camera operator) 2011/12
  • Hatching Max (short) (camera operator) 2011/12
  • Unlimited (feature film) (grip) 2012
  • The Odd Way Home (camera operator) 2011
  • Arcane (web series) (camera operator) 2011
  • Face Full of Dollars (short) (camera operator 2011
  • Sun Jar (short) (camera operator) 2010
  • Monsters (short) (camera operator) 2009/I0

Director (1 title)

  • Monsters (short) (co-director) 2009/I

Writer (2 titles)

  • Among The Dust of Thieves (short) (co-writer) 2011/12
  • Monsters (short) 2009/I0

Producer (4 titles)

  • Monsters (short) (producer) 2009/I0

Editor (1 title)

  • Among The Dust of Thieves (short) (co-editor) 2011/12
  • Hatching Max (short) (editor) 2011/12
  • Roswell FM (feature film) (co-editor) 2012/13
  • Monsters (short) 2009/I0

Sound Department (1 title)

  • Monsters (short) (sound editor) 2009/I

Set Decorator (1 title)

  • Monsters (short) 2009/I0
  • The Burning Plain (feature film) production assistant office/editor 2008

Among the Dust of Thieves

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